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Are you looking for staff for your projects in the civil engineering industry? We can provide you with qualified personnel!

Experienced Machinists from Bagger B.V. 

Every machinist in our spacious flex workers file has been selected with extent, based on their knowledge and experience with equipment and projects. Since we have been active in the intra and civil engineering industry for years, we have experts for all machines in the portfolio. For any of your projects do you require a machinist that can operate heavy machinery, for example? Then you can hire a specialist from us. We look in our database for the machinist that is qualified in working with the specific equipment and has experience with these machines.

Fast, Flexible and Reliable

We are able to arrange even the most complex requests for you within only one day. For the requests that seem like an impossible task to you, we can arrange these with ease within three days. Through our large database consisting of several skilled professionals, we are able to quickly and efficiently provide you with the right employee. This saves you time and money, and you can quickly continue with your building plans! 

With us you can find, amongst other things, machinists for Caterpillar/mobile cranes, bulldozers and transhipment machines. Each operator at Bagger B.V. is in possession of a VCA certificate and is reliable, experienced and motivated. We select our temporary workers with care. Our temporary workers are also deployable inland and abroad.

Available 24/7 for Staff Applications

Do you need a certified professional for your project? Then please contact us. We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Rates vary by task and are based on the length of a project and the specialist knowledge required.

Please note: we work with a G-account, so you can be sure that all premiums and taxes are paid.

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